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Marine and Offshore

Leading specialist in Singapore and Southeast Asia in reverse osmosis water maker as well as other water related systems. marine-and-offshore-products

Crane repair

mobile-crane-repair Repair and manufacture of lattice booms, jibs and telescopic booms. Lattice booms and jibs supplied immediately from stock. Would you like to know what else we can assist you with?

Lattice boom repair

When a crane goes down and the booms are damaged you can bet that guy is going to figure out a way to get it repaired and back in service. This has been going on for ages. However, nowadays if you are going to get your boom repaired you need to make sure the place you take it has the proper certifications, liability insurance and probably most importantly, they give you a assured feeling.

Mooring ropes

Our PP/PE melt mix features higher breaking load and better abrasion resistance compared to regular Polypropylene. Our HTPP rope has a lower weight, floats and does not absorb water, making it easier to handle and ensuring a longer lifespan and an economical purchase.

Mooring Equipment Guidelines Edition 4

The Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG) is an industry publication for the safe mooring of tankers and gas carriers at terminals.

Telescopic boom repair

Discover our broad range of telescopic booms repair now, and hire the perfect company to meet your requirements!

Wire Rope Socketing

For void free sockets with 100% efficiency and safety, unparalleled in dependability and fatigue performance, we only pour sockets with Wirelock.

Mechanical Splicing

mooring-ropes-rotterdam We offer mechanical splicing of wire ropes with diameter up to 90mm. Performed on Talurit swage machines, we use Swedish made press dies and ferrules. The ferrules are fully traceable and validated to EN 13411-3 standards.